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John Updike

“A &P” - This short story focused on a decision of a young man to quit his job. I thought that his decision to do this with forethought of the consequences showed his lack of maturity. 

Jamaica Kincaid

“Girl”-The author describes the relationship between a mother and a daughter. It is basically a descriptions of the many life lessons her mother has taught her. It reminds me of my relationship with my mother where she tries to cram as much information in as she possible can. I think that deep down this is a mother’s way to prepare their daughters for the world.

“On Girl”- In this interview between Jamaica Kincaid and Allen Vorda the author offers her explanation of the meaning behind her story. She explains that the mother is powerful and the child is powerless. She goes on to talk about the skepticism the mother has that the daughter will be a self-possessed woman. I think that this describes the relationship between mothers and daughter where the mother is trying to teach the daughter skills and behaviors she thinks are important. The daughter then processes the information and decides whether to apply it or not.

Amy Tan

“Two Kinds”- I really loved the book the Joy Luck Club. In this excerpt from the book that  describes the mother and daughter relationship. The mother tried to push her to be a child prodigy and her rebellion against anything she wanted for her. She chose to not try to be anything but common and after a blow out argument with her mother at a young age her mother stopped forcing her to try. The lack of hope she thought her mother had in her affected her deeply.

Toni Cade Bambara

“The Lesson”- I thought this story was insightful. Miss Moore a college educated women takes it upon herself to teach the neighborhood children lessons. She takes the kids to the toy store F.A.O. Schwarz and allows them to look at the toys and they discuss the price of these items. Some become angry that she took them somewhere they couldn’t afford to shop. Miss Moore tried to show them what money in their community does and what others use their money for. I think she was trying to get them to aspire to have more and do better.

 Gabriel Garcia Marquez

“A very Old Man with Enormous Wings”-This story was strange to me. Basically what I got from this story was that  a man who was part angel (because of his wings) and part man (because of his appearance) appeared at Pelayo’s home. While he was there his child who was ill became well, he was able to quit his job and start his own business, he had enough money to build a new home, and his wife could afford fancy cloths and shoes. The story was interesting how it described the good fortune this creature brought to their lives.


Louise Erdrich

“The Red Convertible”- I thought this story was so incredibly sad. For Lyman to lose his brother in the way that he did must have been so horrible. To watch your brother commit suicide in front of you must have ate him alive inside. To me it described the after effect that war has on a person.

Shirley Jackson

“The Lottery”- I have seen this story depicted in a movies before. I think the whole story was very disturbing and sad. To stand there and not fully agree with what is going to happen, but still participate is beyond me. This is one of the most barbaric rituals I have ever heard of. I still don’t fully understand the reasons behind it. In the story many of the people that stood there did not know the background but they knew it was tradition.

Flannery O’Connor

“A Good Man is Hard to Find”- I thought this was a very sad story. The grandmother who is a little senile if you ask me gets her family into a lot of trouble. In this story she meets a man who happens to be a wanted criminal. They have a back in forth conversation where she tries to persuade the man that ultimately he is good and that he should pray for redemption and guidance. I thought that this was sad, it was a good example of everything is not what it may appear to be.

Edgar Allan Poe

“The Cask of Amontillado”- I thought this was such an interesting story. I read it twice it was one of those reads where you know the ending but the journey to the end is the best part. I don’t know what Fortunato did but to be buried alive it must be pretty bad!

“The Importance of the Single Effect in a Prose Tale”- This was a critical conversation of the author Hawthorne. Mr. Poe went into detail of what he believed are the most important characteristics of a poem. I think that he really admired Mr. Hawthorne’s writing ability and he stressed that other writers should use his template in their own writing. He is very passionate about his viewpoint.

David S. Reynolds

Poe’s Art of Transformation in The Cask of Amontillado”-Mr. Reynolds a cultural critic gives his opinions and background information on this story. He offers the reader insight on the point of this type of story and why Poe wrote it the way he did. I think that he brought up some very interesting points that I had not thought of while reading.

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